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Marketing in a New World

Date Posteddf: 07-12-2012

Marketing in a New World

‘What is a Good Budget for Pay per Click?’

As more and more companies make their transition from conventional marketing channels to digital media a question that frequently pops up is ‘What’s a good cost per impression (CPI / CPM) or cost per click (CPC / PPC) in order for it to have the right impact or lift sales?’

And there are no easy answers according to Hina Bakht, Vice President, Marketing Pro-Junction (MPJ). “That’s a question I am asked almost every day and, frankly speaking, it is a tough one to answer as the reply depends on a number of factors that require extensive research of the company’s existing visibility and, future targets and objectives.

“When marketing agencies, such as ours, propose budgets, these are based on precise calculations driven from market analysis and demand, product positioning and optimization on the web, competition comparison, and communications strategy bearing in mind the duration of the campaign. It is not at all a simple quotation of rates that one gives over the counter for a space in a newspaper or magazine. However, very often companies allocate adhoc budgets to digital media, without proper study, that could result in poor results.”

Hina insists, “Creating an effective digital media strategy is time consuming and difficult but increasingly important. Very often marketers are unable to prove ROI in new media platforms which is the primary reason for holding back investment in these channels. But the cycle of digital media – be it display, search, social or mobile – remains exactly the same as that of traditional media starting from awareness to choice to purchase and loyalty. It is a fact, more and more people are these days going online to search for products and services, and this should be enough to justify a good investment in popular search engines.”

What is also important is a long-term commitment. Hina advises, “Do not expect miracles in a short time. You may see some amazing boost in activity similar to a flash in the pan but it would die out as soon as you stop your campaign. The best way to maintain your presence is to have consistent plans that what will keep your brands at the top of the minds of consumers all year round.”

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