Hina Bakht<br>Vice President
  • Hina Bakht
    Vice President
  • A post graduate from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics, Hina is a highly experienced Communication & PR professional. She is responsible for leading all strategic planning efforts, new business development and key account activities within MPJ.

    Hina’s vast experience and expertise in brand positioning allow her to offer clients oversight for brand marketing strategies and functions worldwide. Her key strengths lie in advertising, public relations, strategic partnerships and brand promotions, as well as developing graphics and other marketing tools and resources. She also identifies critical business trends and shares best practices with our major clients.

Francois Desroches <br>Creative Director
  • Francois Desroches
    Creative Director
  • After graduating from the Public Relations Private institute in France, Francois Desroches embraced a glamour-filled career in the beauty arena. He has successfully worked as a PR and marketer for some of the most prestigious companies such as YSL, CLINIQUE, LANCOME, SHISEIDO and, for 19 years, GUERLAIN PARIS.

    His already long career has contributed to his becoming an expert in corporate communication with enticing columns in leading Middle-Eastern publications and a hugely popular TV programme on Heya TV (Having viewership of 16 million viewers a week). Francois sees an art form in every aspect of life and claims that his favourite sport is chatting, be it to the total strangers, as communication is the only way to reach out to the uninitiated.